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Insurance & Billing

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As you contemplate a loss, a source of pain or worry, or a situation in your life that concerns you, you can feel secure in knowing that Better Living Counseling is ready to give you the utmost professional care and attention. The counselor, Debra Gapp, is here to guide you gently and respectfully to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


When money matters you can rest assured that Better Living Counseling will offer assistance with insurance billing and reimbursement services, and help you protect what is most valuable to you, including your health, your relationships, your assets and your privacy.

Insurance Accepted:

  1. Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS)

  2. Avera and DakotaCare plans

  3. Sanford plans

  4. South Dakota Medicaid

  5. Medicare starting January 1, 2024

Good Faith Estimate

Upon request, Better Living Counseling, LLC will provide a good faith estimate of costs upfront to all self-paying patients and within our ability to do so, when working with third-party payors.

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