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The Help You Need

We offer services for individuals, couples, and children, tailoring our approach to your unique needs.

  • For children, we use play therapy techniques and child-friendly methods to help them effectively.

  • With adolescents, we focus on building a strong rapport, keeping parents informed when it's in the best interest of the minor.

  • Couples benefit from our objective and nurturing approach to improve their relationship and individual well-being.

  • If you have co-occurring disorders, we're here to help you address both substance and mental health treatment needs.

  • For individuals needing documentation for employers, courts, or other purposes, rest assured that we handle it professionally and only with your written permission.

Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-focused therapy is useful to address one or many current surface issues occurring in ones life.

  • Goals can be addressed step-by-step.

  • Life events processed with a seasoned empathic listener who quickly understands your course.

  • Syptoms of distress understood and treated with the best practices today.


Psychotherapy involves more in-depth work addressing any area of ones lifespan whereas difficulties may involve experiences and beliefs originated in the past.

Trauma Therapy

Offers a safe environment in which one may open up about potential traumatic experiences, learning to understand the connection between the experience and the individual's emotional and behavior responses. 

The purpose of trauma therapy is to gain a better understanding and coping skills for the experience. 

Additional Counseling Services

  • Adjustments - Grab ahold of life’s changes

  • Anxiety - Create calm and a real sense of peace of mind

  • Behavior change - Set your goals and let’s make it happen

  • Change - Planning for your future in your own way

  • Decision-making - Learn your personality superpowers for decision-making

  • Depression - Alleviate symptoms and improve overall health

  • Family Issues - Relationships repair and growth

  • Feeling lost - Find your inner compass

  • Grief - Learning to continue on without a loved one

  • Health - Coping and living well with medical issues

  • Identity - Exploring who you are with self-acceptance and love

  • Life Transitions - Learn to embrace change

  • Loss - Navigating the process and finding joy again

  • Physical/Emotional/Sexual Abuse History - Learn to be free and feel safe again

  • Sexual Intimacy - Understanding your own needs

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